More Mental Evaluations for Albrecht Muth (Links Roundup)

Further mental health evaluations were ordered Wednesday for Albrecht Muth, a Georgetown man accused of first-degree murder in the death of his elderly wife, Viola Drath.

Muth, who was expected to be arraigned on the charge Wednesday, may be unfit to stand trial according to a report by the D.C. Department of Mental Health.

Reports Georgetown Patch:

In a letter received by the court Tuesday, the D.C. Department of Mental Health informed Judge Russell F. Canan that doctors need more time to determine if Muth’s condition is a “genuine psychosis” or “feigned psychological processes in order to avoid prosecution.”

The mental health agency also said that although Muth is currently incompetent to proceed, there is a “substantial probability” that he could retain competence and be able to proceed with additional time. He is currently receiving medication.

Reported the Washington Post:

In February, Judge Russell F. Canan ruled Muth temporarily mentally incompetent for trial after Muth went on a two-month fast that resulted in his hospitalization. Canan then ordered Muth to St. Elizabeths, the District-run psychiatric hospital, for evaluation.

See NBC Washington for the AP report and a sketch of Muth in court (which appears to be from his initial court appearance).

Another mental observation hearing has been set for April 25.

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