Judge Sets Albrecht Muth Trial for December

Albrecht Muth is scheduled to stand trial in December for the murder of his wife, Viola Drath, presumably in person.

Court records show Judge Russell Canan spoke by phone with prosecutors and Muth’s defense attorneys Friday. The parties agreed to set a trial date for Dec. 2.

Muth’s trial would have begun jury selection Monday had Judge Canan decided to keep the original trial date for the case.

Canan had said he wanted the trial to proceed with Muth appearing by video link from his hospital room at United Medical Center, where he has been monitored since January after beginning what he says is a religious fast. But Canan backed off those plans last week when prosecutors and Muth’s defense attorney, Dana Page, objected to the idea.

Muth is expected to make his next court appearance April 25 for a status hearing.

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