Albrecht Muth Still Incompetent to Stand Trial, Report Finds

Georgetown murder suspect Albrecht Muth still lacks the mental competency required to stand trial, a new report from his doctors at Saint Elizabeths states.

Muth was scheduled to be arraigned, if he was found competent, on Thursday.

Muth, 47, is suspected of first-degree murder in the death of his wife, 91-year-old Viola Drath.

Muth has denied killing his wife, according to charging documents in the case.

According to medical reports Muth understands court proceedings and his available plea options.

Despite this, “he continues to report a belief that he is a General in the Iraqi Army whose confidential dealings with the Iranian government contributed to the murder of his wife,” according to the report.

Muth had been diagnosed with Delusional Disorder, Persecutory Type, and Schizotypla Personality Disorder. When these disorders were explained to Muth by hospital staff he discounted them saying, “you take a away my memories, you take away my life,” the report said.

The report from Saint Elizabeths left open the possibility that Muth could become competent after further treatment.

Muth is scheduled for another mental health observation hearing to check his progress on July 26.

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