Georgetown Murder Suspect Refusing Medical Treatment During Fast

Murder suspect Albrecht Muth‘s latest notice to DC Superior Court indicated that he was fasting and refusing all medical treatment.

Muth, 47, is in custody at DC Jail on suspicion of killing his wife, Viola Drath, at their Georgetown townhome last August.

At a Nov. 18 court appearance Muth told the court that, effective Sunday, Nov. 20, he would begin an “unlimited fast.”

He has previously protest his treatment at DC Jail, claiming that his detention was against Geneva Convention rules.

In December, the D.C. Department of Corrections (DOC) confirmed that Muth had just entered into the second month of that hunger strike. They said he was being “monitored daily by medical staff, receives daily meals, nutritional supplements as well as nutrient rich fluids.”

Muth’s note to the court on Jan. 17, he wrote, was at the suggestion of jail medical staff. He is due in court Friday for a status hearing in his case.

Read Muth’s letter to the court below.

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