Prosecution, Defense Rest in Albrecht Muth Trial; Closing Arguments Expected Wednesday Morning

Both government and defense teams in the Albrecht Muth trial called their final witnesses Tuesday, wrapping up testimony in a trial that has lasted seven days but that took two and a half years to happen.

Closing arguments from both sides are expected Wednesday morning at 10 a.m.

Muth’s wife, Viola Drath, 91, was found dead in their home in August 2011. Dr. Carolyn Revercomb, assistant medical examiner at the Rhode Island Medical Examiner’s office testified that Drath suffered rib fractures, cuts to the body and head, and clear signs of strangulation which resulted in Drath’s death.

Prosecutors called their final two witnesses Tuesday, bringing their case to a total of 22 witnesses. The defense called one witness, forensic scientists Jessica Skillman, from the D.C. Forensics Services Lab.

Muth declined his right to testify from his hospital bed at the United Medical Center via video conference.

Members of the Drath family have been present throughout the trial. They are “very happy with the prosecution,” they told Homicide Watch.

Among the prosecution’s final witnesses was MPD Detective Gus Giannakoulis, who interviewed Muth in a video taped session shortly after Drath was found dead.

Muth showed little emotion in the video clips shown in court Tuesday. He appeared to be sitting slouched back on his chair and speaking calmly to the two detectives. He briefly broke when both detectives left the room saying to himself, “Viola Drath has been murdered,” as he fidgeted around in his chair and buried his face into his hands.

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