Alicia Wheeler Sought Protective Orders Against Claude Kinney

On Monday Alicia Wheeler was in court, filing for an order to protect her from Claude Kinney. She was given a two week order, but on Wednesday she was dead. Kinney, authorities believe, killed her.

The Washington Post reports that Wheeler filed for least two protective orders:

Describing a pattern of recent domestic assaults, she said Kinney slapped her, punched her, kicked her and threatened her with worse.

In her petition, she said Kinney told her “that he wanted to take [her] from this world” and that “he would slice [her] throat and no one would know.” He threatened her with a knife, she said, and beat her several times. Once, after slapping her, Kinney told her that she “needed to listen to him,” Wheeler alleged.

In 2006, court records show that Wheeler’s request for a protective order resulted in a mediated agreement. In 2008 Kinney filed for a protective order himself; a woman, not Wheeler, was the subject of that complaint.

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