Claude Kinney Held in Stabbing Death of Alecia Wheeler

Claude Kinney was ordered held today pending a preliminary hearing, after Judge Levie found substantial probability to believe that Kinney stabbed his wife on Tuesday, killing her in front of their children.

Charging documents in the case describe Kinney driving up to Alecia Wheeler, throwing her onto his truck, and stabbing her. An MPD officer ran to the crime scene when a child stopped the officer and said, “My Mommy just got stabbed.”

Another witness heard a young girl yelling, “My mommy is getting stabbed.”

Wheeler had pursued a protective order against Kinney, and on Tuesday Kinney had inquired of the police department how he could retrive his belongings from their residence.

While AUSA Thomas Gillice said statements attributed to Kinney in the complaint, including “God, please forgive me,” and “I’m sorry God, I failed my family, I failed my kids. I want to kill myself,” indicate consciousness of guilt, defense attorney Rene Raymond said they should be taken at face value and do not constitute a confession.

Clearly it is an incredibly tragic thing that has happened here,” Raymond said.

A preliminary hearing is set for Sept. 30.

Charging documents are below.

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