Curtis Patterson Pleads “Guilty” to Weapons, Obstruction Charges in Death of Angelo Jones

Curtis Patterson pled guilty last week to illegal possession of a firearm and obstruction of justice in connection with the shooting death of Angelo Jones.

Patterson was charged in Oct. 2011 with seven counts connected to the case, including one count of first-degree murder while armed. His co-defendant, Rickey Pharr, was convicted of first-degree murder on Feb. 29.

Patterson was scheduled to stand trial with Pharr, but the cases were severed just days before trial.

According to the government’s evidence presented at Pharr’s trial, on Oct. 2, 2010, Pharr encountered Jones at a craps game near Dix Street in Northeast DC. Pharr believed that Jones was an informant to police.

Prosecutor Reagan Taylor told jurors that once Pharr had seen Jones, he asked Patterson for a gun. Patterson gave it to him, Taylor said.

A proffer, which Patterson told the court was true, states that Pharr told Patterson about an argument he had with Jones and Pharr asked Patterson for a gun. But Patterson refused to give him one. Later on, Patterson obtained a gun and gave it to Pharr.

The proffer also states that Patterson was interviewed by police and subpoenaed after Jones’ death. While under oath before the Grand Jury, Patterson lied about being asked for a gun, the proffer states.

Patterson is scheduled for sentencing May 11.

Plea documents are below.

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