Fox5: Police Officer who Witnessed Wyatt Earp Robinson’s Murder Pleads Guilty

Fox5’s Paul Wagner reports that a police officer who witnessed Wyatt Earp Robinson’s shooting death in Northeast DC has pled guilty. The officer, Antonia McClam, was charged with obstruction of justice and neglect of an officer to make an arrest, Wagner reported.

Court documents filed in the case indicated the veteran officer had agreed to accept a plea.

After leaving the hour-long hearing, before being booked, McClam broke down in tears.

The veteran officer, who is on administrative leave with pay, was released under conditions set by the judge.

Law enforcement sources say McClam is in a wheelchair after suffering serious injuries in a car accident.

According to Wagner and court documents related to Robinson’s murder, McClam was a witness to her boyfriend, Ricardo Mitchell, gunning down Robinson on Minnesota Avenue just before 7 p.m. on Sunday, August 21, 2011.

According to charging documents in the case, investigators believe that as Robinson was walking down the street, he “looked in the direction” of three people sitting on a Clay Place porch. One of those people, Mitchell, chased after Robinson, pushed him with a gun, then fired at him multiple times.

Mitchell is due in court April 18 for arraignment.

Watch Fox5’s report on this story below.

Court documents indicate DC Police officer, accused of witnessing a murder, pled guilty:

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