Comment of the Day: “make the laws tighter and stricter when dealing with domestic violence”

This Comment of the Day comes from Ms.Right who wrote in regarding Yolanda Stone:

I think the brevity of the comment written on behalf of Ms. Yolanda Stone by the person named Tinkerbell was very well written, and very organized. We as young women, mothers, daughters, aunts, nieces, grandmothers, so on and so fourth have to somehow make the laws tighter and stricter when dealing with domestic violence. For all that matter men as well. I mean no one sex is more fragile than the other, maybe a little more emotionally built. It is hard loosing a mom so young, and I lost my mother at 19 to lupus, she died a sudden death. I cant imagine witnessing my mother take her last breaths in the hospital, let alone watch my father allegedly riddle my mother with bullets. This is very disheartening and I am sure anguishes of the heart is being felt on behalf both families. Victim and suspect. I commend Ms. Stones sister for her bravery in coming forward to the media to standup for her sister, as well as take on the emotional, physical, mental, financial support of her sisters young children. I am very deeply saddened for them, and offer my sincerest condolences. I empathize with Ms. Cook, for the many griefs, comments, whispers, and ms she must feel with being the mother, and the other of the alleged killer and the grandchildren. I am sure she has many sleepless nights as well, with all the criticism. I can’t imagine what that feels like. To both families I wish you the best in trying to come together for the sake of the young kids involved, peace and resilience when justice is served. Resciprocity for Ms. Yolanda, her friends, and anyone else who just took the time out to show good acts of kindness. Remembering that neither family is to blame for this tragedy, but that both families are left with heart felt memories, as well as the remnants of the soul and the bind. To these beautiful kids, I can’t imagine walking in your shoes, I know the chance of you erasing such a disdainful, deplorable, scene will probably be inevitable to erase, but remember your mom is always sigh you. Whether in the physical or not. She Wollongong visit you in dreams, and love you always! I too remind myself of these adages as well. I am 24 now and it is still hard for me. God has he ultimate plan, and he will protect all of you. Some say at least Ms. Cook will see her sn again, or hear his voice in due time, and Ms. Stones family is robbed of that advantage, while this ms true, it is still a burden too Sven fathom her relationship with her son being normal again. I nor anyone else is in her head, and i am sure she is mentally drained, and want tl do what’s right. To both families i love you, and to all the women who died frm domestic violence may you rest in peace, and help to change the laws for the better!

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