Andre Miles Pleads Innocent in Shooting Death of Sandy Greene

Andre Miles pleaded innocent Friday to charges related to the April shooting death of Sandy Greene III.

Miles was arraigned before Judge John Ramsey Johnson. The grand jury issued a three-count indictment against Miles, charging him with first-degree murder while armed, possession of a firearm during a crime of violence and carrying a pistol without a license outside a home or business.

Prosecutors are working with Miles’ attorneys to negotiate a plea agreement, Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Liebman told Judge Johnson. Initial offers would allow Miles to plead guilty to the reduced charge of voluntary manslaughter while armed and receive a sentence within the sentencing guidelines for that crime, Liebman said.

Miles, 19, has been held at D.C. Jail since May 2012. Judge William Jackson found probable cause to hold Miles at his preliminary hearing in June 2012.

A copy of the indictment will be added to this post.

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