Probable Cause Found at Donte Graves’s Preliminary Hearing

Probable cause was found Wednesday in the case against Donte Graves, an 18-year-old suspected in the murder of Tyrone Joyner near the Nationals Park on February 24.

Judge Jennifer Alexander made the ruling at a preliminary hearing Wednesday.

During the hearing, MPD Detective Michael Fulton testified that a man observed Graves at the scene of the shooting. That man, Fulton said, told police that Graves was trying to rob Joyner an hour before the shooting.

When Joyner began running away, Graves caught up to him and grabbed his coat. Fulton said that Graves shot at the same time as Joyner swung at him.

After Joyner fell to the ground, Graves stole his coat and ran, Fulton testified.

Joyner was shot once in the stomach.

Defense attorney Liyah Brown argued that the witness was involved in the crime and had an “obvious bias…in his alleged plan to rob the decedent.”

Fulton did not testify to whether or not the witness was involved in the robbery.

A status hearing will be held at 9:30 a.m. on May 10, 2013. The case will also be transferred back to Judge Russel Canan.

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