Comment of the Day: ‘I didn’t have time to utter the word goodbye’

Angel Lucas writes on the Homicide Watch D.C. Facebook page about Andre Jackson:

Tears I miss my Lil Cuzzin so freaking much it’s a shane that he was subject to a senseless crime such as this my heart aches 24/7 it’s going on 6 months since he’s been gone…He was a good man always wore a smile I wish he could have stick around for a long while. We all miss him deeply and think of him everyday many looked up to him he always had something to say “You Hear Me”

I didn’t have time to utter the word goodbye boy that’s still hurts me to this very day as I sit here reminiscing on the memories we all shared with him in our own lil way, just letting you all know he’ll always be here. He’s at peace now still can’t forget the fact that I never had the chance to say I Love You. He’s greatly missed by everyone here Hey Fam don’t ever forget he’ll always be near now I’m sitting in my room crying RIP Lil Cuzzin Andre “Pops” Jackson November 04 2012 Sleep In Peace i Miss You Cuz #A4Dre”

Police arrested Byron Dunn, 23, and 22-year-old Marquette Tibbs Feb. 26. Both men were ordered held at a preliminary hearing March 8.

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