Reynaud Cook Set to Undergo Mental Observation Screening in Connection with Yolanda Stone Murder

After eluding police for almost a year, Reynaud Cook appeared in custody at DC Superior Court Wednesday on murder and assault charges in connection with the 2012 shooting death of 30-year-old Yolanda Stone.

Judge Karen Howze ordered him held pending a preliminary hearing and scheduled a mental observation hearing for Thursday to determine whether Cook is competent to continue with criminal proceedings.

Cook, 29, was arrested in Pennsylvania last week after repeatedly phoning 911 and claiming that he saw men with guns and bombs, according to charging documents. At the time of his arrest, Cook used two different aliases and attempted to flee from police after he was told that he was under arrest for false identification to law enforcement.

Later, while in custody, Cook told police he was under the influence of bath salts, arrest documents say.

Stone died May 20, 2012, approximately three months after she was shot multiple times in front of their children; charging documents name Cook as the shooter. Stone’s family members say she was a victim of domestic abuse.

Cook is also charged in connection with the July 2007 shooting death of Nacarto Gladden.

Arrest documents are below.

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