Comment of the Day: “This is a great shock.”

This Comment of the Day comes from a family friend of Rhett Gelb, who died last week after being shot Monday, May 27 just before 8 p.m. in the unit block of Hamilton Street, NW.

I am so upset about Rhett Gelb death. He was a close friend of my daughter’s. I knew him since he was about 7 years-old. My daughter is so upset about his death, which has me upset. Rhett grew up in a very close knit community of Takoma Park. Rhett lived three houses down from us. Rhett spent countless hours in my Takoma Park Home. He was never disrespectful. A sweet kid. Just hung around playing video games, and getting his hair washed by my daughter… For many kids from Takoma Park, this is a great shock, many of the kids who hung out with Rhett have just graduated from college, and this is upsetting to them .

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