Judge Finds Substantial Probability in Dominic Davis Murder Case

Judge Lori Parker found substantial probability Tuesday that Mauda’Rico Proctor participated in the January shooting death of 27-year-old Dominic Anthony Davis. Proctor has been held pending a preliminary hearing scheduled for July 12.

Police found Davis in the 500 block of 57th Street Northeast around 11 a.m. January 14, suffering from several gunshot wounds. Less than an hour later, he died at Prince George’s County Hospital.

According to arrest documents, one witness told police that Proctor admitted to shooting and killing Davis, and that the murder was in retaliation for the shooting death of a man identified as “twin,” which occurred on 37th Street SE. Homicide Watch D.C.’s records show that Brian Andre Proctor was shot and killed at that same location in September 2012; it is unclear whether Mauda’Rico Proctor and Brian Proctor are related.

According to the witness, Proctor said that he “went all Wayne Perry” on a guy, and that the only evidence the police had was a black rental car he borrowed from someone else. Proctor was worried that the guy who rented the vehicle would tell police if he was caught, the witness said.

Another witness told police that prior to Davis’ death, Proctor said that he was going to “get” Davis, and during the conversation exposed a black Glock handgun with a 30-round magazine tucked inside his waistband.

Another, who was sitting with Davis in a car just prior to the shooting, told police that two black males wearing ski masks, one carrying a silver semi-automatic handgun, approached the car and forced them out onto the ground. One of the suspects “patted down” Davis, searched the vehicle, and then shot Davis several times as he lay on the ground. The witness said that he got up and ran, but looked back and saw the suspects leave in a black four-door vehicle.

Crime scene technicians recovered four expended shell casings, two bullets, and multiple bullet fragments from the scene of the shooting, charging documents say.

Police searched Proctor’s home on February 5, less than a month after the shooting, and seized his cell phone. Arrest documents say the phone contained several photographs that were taken on the evening of January 14 showing Proctor holding a silver handgun. Police also discovered several other photos of Proctor holding a black semi-automatic handgun with a large capacity magazine.

Arrest documents are below.

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