Alex Cater Pleads Guilty in Connection with Leroy Studevant Murder

Alex Cater, one of the two suspects held in connection with the 2011 strangulation death of 56-year-old Leroy Studevant, pleaded guilty Wednesday.

Court documents, though, are not clear as to what charge Cater pled guilty to, saying only that Cater, 31, and the government “enter into the following plea agreement pursuant to attached paperwork.” The attachments were not available at DC Superior Court Thursday.

Cater was arrested May 18, 2012, five months after police found Studevant dead in Marvin Gaye Park with a belt tied around his neck and three puncture wounds to his upper body. Cater was later held and indicted on first-degree murder and robbery charges.

Mark Coates, a co-defendant in the case, was arrested two weeks ago and held on a charge of felony murder in connection with Studevant’s death.

Charging documents related to Coates’ arrest say that a witness, who has entered into a plea agreement with prosecutors, told detectives that Studevant was killed after refusing to give up a cigarette.

Cater is scheduled for a status hearing August 20. Coates is scheduled for a preliminary hearing Friday.

Plea documents will be added to this post when they are available.

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