Substantial Probability Found in Akinwole Williams Murder

Judge Robert Morin found substantial probability Thursday that co-defendants Floyd Neal, Lafeyette Robinson and DeAndre Shaheed each participated in the shooting death of 31-year-old Akinwole Olu Williams.

According to arrest documents in the case, Neal, Robinson and Shaheed set out to rob someone on the evening of March 14 when they saw Williams walking from the Deanwood Metro Station to his home in the 1000 block of 44th Street Northeast.

A witness told police that Neal and Robinson did not want to rob Williams, but Shaheed said, “What we out here for? I’m going to rob him.”

The group then followed Williams to his home where Shaheed pulled out a brown sawed-off shotgun and ordered him to hand over his property. The witness said that after Williams refused and pushed the shotgun away, she heard a gunshot and saw Williams grab his chest and collapse to the ground.

Judge Morin said Thursday that although Neal and Robinson did not want to rob Williams, “they aided and abetted felony murder with their presence” at the scene.

The three co-defendants are scheduled for a felony status conference October 11.

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