Deonte Bryant, Terrance Bush Found Guilty in 2011 Caribbean Festival Shooting

Deonte Bryant and Terrance Bush, two of the three men accused in the fatal shooting at the Carribean festival in Northwest DC in 2011, were found guilty late Friday afternoon of all charges against them including first-degree murder and assault.

The third man accused in the case, Terry Jimenez, pleaded guilty last April to second-degree murder while armed, assault with intent to kill, and aggravated assault knowingly while armed.

Jurors delivered Bryant’s and Bush’s verdicts after one day of deliberations.

While government prosecutors presented the case as “urban warfare,” arguing that Bryant and Bush exchanged gunfire with Jimenez on the crowded street because they were involved in opposing gangs, the men’s defense attorneys argued that Bryant and Bush shot at Jimenez in self-defense.

Three people were caught in that crossfire. Robert Foster Jr., 43, was killed and two others were injured.

“Dalyon Young, [Jimenez’s] best friend, came in here and told you that Terry Jimenez was acting crazy,” Kevin Mosley, Bush’s defense attorney said Thursday. “He said that Terry Jimenez shot first. He was hell bent on killing Deonte Bryant.”

Prosecutor Jennifer Kerkhoff said Thursday that it doesn’t matter who started shooting first.

“But for all of them, this wouldn’t have happened,” she said. “All three of them are responsible and deserve the blame.”

Bryant and Bush are scheduled for sentencing March 7. Jimenez is scheduled for a status hearing January 17.

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