Antonio Williams Held in Connection with Death of Andre McIntyre

Judge Brian Holeman ruled that there was enough evidence Saturday to hold Antonio Williams on a charge of second-degree murder in connection with the death of Andre McIntyre. He is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on April 7.

McIntyre was found unconscious near the 300 block of Ridge Road Southeast bleeding from a head wound shortly after midnight on March 1. Police arrested Williams about four weeks later.

Two witnesses told police that McIntyre owed money to Williams for “drugs bought on credit” prior to the attack, according to charging documents.

Williams, who is also known as Jamal, approached McIntyre and had a conversation with him about the drug debt, according to one witness. The witness said that Williams turned to leave but then spun back and punched McIntyre in the face, causing McIntyre to fall and hit his head on the ground, according to charging documents.

That witness said that Williams then left the scene, but he returned once paramedics and police were on the scene and asked, “Is Dre alright?” according to charging documents.

Another witness was walking several yards ahead of McIntyre and reported that he or she didn’t know how McIntyre ended up on the ground, but believed that he had fallen, according to charging documents.

First responders and hospital doctors initially were unsure whether McIntyre had been shot in the head or had fallen and hit his head, but the cause of death was later ruled as blunt force trauma, according to charging documents.

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