William Smallwood and Rashard Jones Remain Held in Rashard Raigns Murder

A judge found substantial probability Thursday in the case against William Smallwood and Demitrich Jones in connection with the shooting death of Rashard Raigns.

Raigns was found lying face down on a sidewalk in the 1900 block of Fenwick Street Northeast, with a gunshot wound to the torso, on June 4. Ten feet away from Raign’s body, police found a green blanket with an empty laptop case, power cord and other personal belongings scattered nearby.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Veronica Sanchez argued Thursday that Smallwood, 22, and Jones, 16, planned to rob Raigns and video showed the two men covering their faces with shirts before they robbed Raigns.

A 13-year-old boy also arrested in connection with the case is being processed through the juvenile division of the court.

MPD Detective Michael Callahan testified Thursday that Jones told police the men were going to rob Raigns for his laptop and Jones admitted that it was his plan.

In his interview, Jones told police that he was going to “take the rap” for it because it was his idea, according to Callahan.

Documents say that Jones had a BB gun and a man he was with had a silver handgun. When Raigns resisted the robbery attempt, the man shot him with the gun.

The 13-year-old arrested in the case told police that Jones had the BB gun and Smallwood had the “real gun,” Callahan said.

He said once he saw the real gun, he took off running and heard two pows,” Callahan said.

According to Callahan, Jones said he walked away after the shots were fired, then came back to see what happened, saw the laptop and took it, Callahan testified.

Jones’ defense attorney, Patricia Cresta-Savage, argued Jones was not responsible for the murder because no evidence showed that Jones knew Smallwood had a weapon.

Mr Jones had a fake gun,” Cresta-Savage said. “There is no evidence at all he knew Mr. Smallwood had a gun.”

Smallwoods’ attorney Dana Page argued there wasn’t proof that Smallwood knew about the robbery Jones allegedly planned.

It is unclear,” Page said. “There is no information that Mr. Smallwood knew of any plan.”

Assistant United States Attorney Sanchez argued that Jones was the leader, and that he took the laptop after Raigns was shot.

It was Jones idea,” Sanchez said. “He gets the other two and after Raigns is shot, Jones goes back to get the laptop.”

Judge Jennifer Anderson called Jones’ actions “cold-blooded” before delivering her ruling.

Both men will remain held in the case. A felony status conference is scheduled for September 12 before Judge Anderson.

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