Proposals to Continue Homicide Watch D.C. Due Friday

This Friday is the deadline for proposals to take over Homicide Watch D.C. As we announced last month, this site will close at the end of the year, unless a new owner is found.

Our request for proposals is here.

If you are interested in submitting a proposal, please get in touch with any questions or concerns you have.

Proposals should include:

  1. A cover letter expressing their interest in working to continue Homicide Watch DC’s work. Let us know why you are interested and what you believe you and your team bring to the table.
  2. Bios of each of your team members, including previous work and other relevant experience.
  3. If relevant, a one-page statement of how you feel Homicide Watch DC is relevant to the work of your organization (if you are expressing interest on behalf of a news organization, university, nonprofit, or other organization or institution).
  4. A one-page proposal outlining your strategy for continuing community engagement with HWDC.

The full RFP is here. Thank you, all of you, again for all of your support.

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