The Year Ahead: Trials

Trials for more than two dozen murder cases are already scheduled on the 2012 judicial calendar. Dates as far out as Nov. 19 have been penciled into judge’s schedules.

Of murders that have occurred since Oct. 2010, 25 cases are currently scheduled for 2012 trials.

Also scheduled is the trial for five men charged in the so-called “South Capitol Street murder,” a violent drive-by attack that killed Jordan Howe, 20, Brishell Jones, 16, Davaughn Boyd, 18 and William Jones, 19, and Tavon Nelson, 17, and wounded nine others.

Sanquan Carter, 20, his brother, Orlando Carter, 21, Jeffrey D. Best, 22, Robert Bost, 22, and Lamar J. Williams, 22, are scheduled to go to trial Jan. 30. Judge Ronna Beck will hear the case. All could be sentenced to life without parole if convicted.

Defendants names Trial date
DeAngelo Jose Garner 1/30/2012
Marcus McLean 2/6/2012
Rickey Pharr 2/13/2012
Patricia Ann Cave 2/21/2012
Meeko Sha Carraway, Chamontae Walker, Corey Yates 2/21/2012
Marlon Williams 2/23/2012
Jeremy Risper, Kwan Kearney 3/12/2012
Raymond Roseboro 3/12/2012
Charles Monroe Coates 4/9/2012
Derrell E Bennett, Reginald Vance 4/23/2012
John David Bolton 6/11/2012
Alexis Pineda 6/11/2012
Ronald G. Pickett 6/18/2012
Keith Alonzo Littlepage 7/11/2012
Anthony Hatton 7/23/2012
Eugene Antoine Kelly 8/17/2012
James Dean Adrian Brewer, Stephen Bernard Page Jr., Anthony Thomas 9/4/2012
Ronald Page 9/17/2012
Theodore Spencer, Phillip Charles Swan, Terrell Wilson 9/24/2012
Albrecht Muth 10/9/2012
Dominique Bassil 10/22/2012
Malik Shabazz 11/5/2012
Robert Carter 11/5/2012
Marvin Palencia 11/5/2012
Brian Arcenio Gaither, Johnnie Sweets 11/19/2012
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