Week in Review

A 61-year-old Southeast DC man found unconscious Thursday night died of his injuries. MPD has ruled his death a homicide on Saturday and identified him as Darryl Eugene Sweet, Sr.

Jimi Imur Pendleton, 33, was found shot to death in an alley on Friday morning near the 2300 Block of Park Place Southeast.

The case against Jashua Johnson will be sent to the grand jury for investigation, after Judge Ronna Beck found substantial probability today that Johnson killed Davon Brown.

Keith Littlepage was found guilty of both first-degree murder and felony murder in the stabbing death of his girlfriend, Selina Knight, at their SoutheastDC apartment in March 2011. The jury of three men and nine women announced the verdict just before noon Tuesday. Their deliberations lasted approximately two days.

Chamontae Walker and Corey Yates never fired a gun at Darrel Hendy. But the pair are on trial for his death this week, charged with first-degree murder. Hendy, 29, was killed Sept. 25, 2010 in the 800 block of Southern Avenue, Southeast DC. In opening statements, prosecutors said Hendy was shot from behind— seven times— and that he likely never saw his attacker coming.

Joseph Peoples was ordered held after Judge Ronna Beck found substantial probability that he took part in the fatal shooting of 30-year-old Michael Edward Jones this month.

A grand jury indicted ex-Marine Michael Poth, charging him with one count of second-degree murder while armed. Poth, 20, is suspected of killing fellow Marine Phillip Bushong outside the Marine Corps Barracks in Southeast DC in April.

Albrecht Muth’s mental health remains in question, and it remains unclear whether or when he will stand trial in the death of his wife, 91-year-old Viola Drath. As the one-year anniversary of his wife’s death approaches, Muth remains mentally incompetent to stand trial and is, for the time being, destined to remain in psychiatric custody at St Elisabeths.

Jeremy Risper was sentenced to 35 years in prison Friday for the shooting death of Jamal Wilson. Risper, 22, was found guilty of first degree murder while armed, plus two weapons charges, in a March trial. Jurors found that in Nov. 2010 Risper and his co-defendant, Kwan Kearney, chased 19-year-old Wilson through the Truxton Circle neighborhood then engaged in a shootout that left Wilson dead.

A judge found substantial probability in the case against Anthony Campbell, saying that although there were “certain oddities” about the case there was enough evidence to send the first-degree murder charge to the grand jury. Campbell, 34, is suspected of shooting Antwain Henderson in the head following an argument, then taking his body to Prince George’s County and burning it in a car.

The death of Aaron Henderson has been ruled a homicide. Henderson, 36, was found unconscious and unresponsive in Northeast DC in April in a Trinidad-area alley.

Orlando Carter, one of the five men convicted of taking part in the deadly South Capitol Street shootings was sentenced to five and half years in prison for a robbery he committed while in custody at DC Jail. The sentence is likely to be served concurrently to any sentence he receives in the South Capitol murder case.

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