Corey Saxton Pleads Guilty in Death of Roshaine Henry

Corey Saxton pleaded guilty Friday to voluntary manslaughter for fatally shooting Roshaine Henry after trying to rob him at gun point.

Henry, 24, was found on March 5, in the 900 block of Madison Street Northwest suffering from a gunshot wound to his chest. Henry was taken to Medstar Hospital where he later died of his injuries.

According to court documents at approximately 7:30 p.m., Saxton got into Henry’s car to negotiate a drug deal. An eye-witness told police they heard Saxton say, “Don’t move,” and then heard one or two gunshots.

According to the factual proffer read by Assistant U.S. Attorney Magdalena Acevedo on Friday, Saxton agreed to meet Henry at the 1200 block of Madison Street Northwest to purchase marijuana. Saxton briefly went inside Henry’s vehicle then exited to “talk to his people,” according Acevedo. Saxton came back 15 minutes later opened the passenger side door of Henry’s car and pointed a gun to Henry’s head, demanding he hand over all his drugs.

Prosecutors said Henry tried to drive away when Saxton fired, causing him to crash his vehicle into several parked cars between the 1200 and 900 Block of Madison Street Northwest. Henry’s car was found flipped over and his body in the backseat.

At the time of the shooting, Saxton was on probation with the condition that he wear a GPS tracking unit. Records from the GPS unit indicate that he was in the exact area of the shooting when it occurred and that he left the area immediately after the shooting, according to police.

Saxton was arrested five days after the incident on suspicion of second degree murder.

Saxton faces five to thirty years in prison for voluntary manslaughter. Judge John Ramsey Jonson will decide his sentence on July 18 at 10 a.m. in courtroom 302.

Plea documents are attached below.

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