The Year in Comments

Family, friends and neighborhoods of homicide victims and suspects opened up their hearts and minds on Homicide Watch throughout the year. In their comments were words of grief, wisdom, loss and comfort. They helped all of us better understand the true human impact of violent crime and the humanity present in the most tragic of circumstances.

As 2012 closes we look back on some of the comments of the year.

Anon wrote in about cold cases.

I was a juror on the Davis trial. I am so glad you covered it on this blog. This woman was brutally murdered by her own husband and then he was able live freely for 10 years!!!!! While to verdict won’t return her to her family, I sincerely hope that it gives some level of peace to her family and respect to Elizabeth Singleton’s memory.

Zachary Sims Sr. wrote in about his son, Zachary Sims, who was charged with first degree murder in the death of Jamal Bell. Sims was found innocent of the murder charge at his May trial. He was found guilty of possession of an unregistered firearm and carrying a pistol without a license.

my son states that he is in fact innocent of the charges agaisnt him and I have to believe my son because he has always told me the truth about his activities in society. other witnesses have stated the same thing.yet he is still being held for this crime. I trust that justice will be served in this case. I wish the family of Jamal Bell well as they struggle to deal with their lost. GOD bless all concerned!

Tabby3300 wrote about Lucki Pannell. Pannell was shot and killed on Feb. 19, 2011.

It’s coming soon, the first year of her death. This is not something I anticipated celebrating. We should be celebrating how we do every week in the house with all my babies. I been back to the house slowly but surely. Don’t understand why DC police haven’t solved her murder when you have a person of interest in custody. I guess she’s not the right color. Do me a favor: Dont’t call the family anymore until ya have results. Stop harassing them with bs. Stop bothering them until ya get justice for Lucki. RIP Lucki, we gonna make sure ur senseless death is not in vain.

Manofblessings wrote in about the Angelo Jones/ Rickey Pharr murder trial.

Keep both parties families in your prayers, at the end of this trial there will be alot of being affected by the outcome either way. Angelo Jones family has lost a son,brother,nephew,father etc. So keep all of them in your prayers. Rickey also has a family that could possibly loose him as well so keep him and his family in your prayers as well. Despite how you feel about this case their are alot of people being affected by it so if you know the words of prayer just pray for the the everyone involved as well as there family and friends.

Anonguest wrote about Raymond Roseboro‘s first mistrial.

I believe Mr. Roseboro committed the crime and lied to the jury when he took the stand but I can understand why the jury did not convict. No impartial witness could identify Mr. Roseboro as the shooter. There was no physical evidence linking him to the crime. The bottom line was did the jury believe the two men who were allegedly with Mr. Roseboro and the victim. Neither of them presented well or represented well for the victim. In fact at least one of them was thought to have been the shooter.

Mr. Roseboro’s defense was a joke but he is not required to put on a defense. The prosecution had to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Mr. Roseboro committed the crime and apparently the jury did not feel that he met that burden. Someone asked about the makeup of the jury. The majority of the jurors were white, all are city residents.

If Mr. Roseboro is retried I hope the prosecutor does a better job of presenting his case. As I said, I believe Mr. Roseboro did it and I hate to think a murderer is walking the street. My deepest sympathy goes out to Prince Okuri’s family. No one should be shot down like a dog in the street.

Jacquie Spano wrote about Rodney Bean.

I lived on Rodney’s street and knew him as an 8 year old boy. He was a wonderful kid; sweet, funny, super smart, loved him. I loved hanging out with him and his brother, and even though I only knew him for a year, he stayed with me through memories. Recently, I thought about him and looked up him up online. My heart broke to find out what happened to him and he looks almost identical to when he was a boy. There’s nothing I can do except keep his memory in my heart.

Beautiful_619 wrote in about Yolanda Stone.

Rip Yolanda…. I am praying hard for the kids, the family, life will never be the same for them, the children were there when it happened, its so sad & I know she has been fighting hard to make it for her children ….The lord saw what was best for her & took her away from all the pain & suffering…It was his call, something we can’t question!!! I pray that the Lord keep them close in arms, they need all the confort they can get…May Yolanda rest in peace!

Barbarapettis wrote in about John Wesley Griffin.


LeeLeeCuz, who wrote in about Levern Butler.

This was my cousin. He alway brought fun and excitement everywhere that he was. He was always known for saying something crazy, and doing crazy things, but he never wanted to hurt anyone. Yeah, everyone has two sides, but he was a real man that was about his son and cared about his mother a lot. He will be missed, and trust me fam, your legacy will live on. You will never be forgotten. Now you’re at the go-go where the music never turns off, and you can beat your feet all day without pain or anything. Rest in Peace cuzzo.

Stormytouch wrote in about Ricardo Mandrell Lancaster.

I pray for this man and his family. Why is it easier to kill someone than embrace them with a hug. I lost so many men in my family to murder. This isn’t how things are supposed to be. We can’t go shopping to party to school to church to the hospital to a funeral or a baby shower without the fear of someone opening fire or stabbing and killing someone . Sometimes it is even your spouse who takes ur life.The change starts with us ppl. If we keep this going we all are going be extinct. I’m not talking race but mankind as a whole.

Ms.Right who wrote in regarding Yolanda Stone.

I think the brevity of the comment written on behalf of Ms. Yolanda Stone by the person named Tinkerbell was very well written, and very organized. We as young women, mothers, daughters, aunts, nieces, grandmothers, so on and so fourth have to somehow make the laws tighter and stricter when dealing with domestic violence. For all that matter men as well. I mean no one sex is more fragile than the other, maybe a little more emotionally built. It is hard loosing a mom so young, and I lost my mother at 19 to lupus, she died a sudden death. I cant imagine witnessing my mother take her last breaths in the hospital, let alone watch my father allegedly riddle my mother with bullets. This is very disheartening and I am sure anguishes of the heart is being felt on behalf both families. Victim and suspect. I commend Ms. Stones sister for her bravery in coming forward to the media to standup for her sister, as well as take on the emotional, physical, mental, financial support of her sisters young children. I am very deeply saddened for them, and offer my sincerest condolences. I empathize with Ms. Cook, for the many griefs, comments, whispers, and ms she must feel with being the mother, and the other of the alleged killer and the grandchildren. I am sure she has many sleepless nights as well, with all the criticism. I can’t imagine what that feels like. To both families I wish you the best in trying to come together for the sake of the young kids involved, peace and resilience when justice is served. Resciprocity for Ms. Yolanda, her friends, and anyone else who just took the time out to show good acts of kindness. Remembering that neither family is to blame for this tragedy, but that both families are left with heart felt memories, as well as the remnants of the soul and the bind. To these beautiful kids, I can’t imagine walking in your shoes, I know the chance of you erasing such a disdainful, deplorable, scene will probably be inevitable to erase, but remember your mom is always sigh you. Whether in the physical or not. She Wollongong visit you in dreams, and love you always! I too remind myself of these adages as well. I am 24 now and it is still hard for me. God has he ultimate plan, and he will protect all of you. Some say at least Ms. Cook will see her sn again, or hear his voice in due time, and Ms. Stones family is robbed of that advantage, while this ms true, it is still a burden too Sven fathom her relationship with her son being normal again. I nor anyone else is in her head, and i am sure she is mentally drained, and want tl do what’s right. To both families i love you, and to all the women who died frm domestic violence may you rest in peace, and help to change the laws for the better!

Angelcaldwell48 wrote in about Amber Kent.

I don’t know her but I would like to say that I’m so sorry for your loss and for your family’s loss. This is one of the saddest stories I have heard in a long time. I wish that they would take PCP off the streets it’s taking ppls. minds and they are not even realizing what their doing when their doing it

kskreetne wrote in about June Lim.

broad morning daylight while most of us still slept, needlessly the life of an innocent pillar of the community is snuffed out. the criminals’ profits are not worth the life within, no way to swallow the preying on a peaceful soul who felt safe in this community. i’ll be at the vigil tomorrow at 5. we must join hands to honor her spirit and make this a safer place. RIP June Lim, we do not deserve you, we will never forget you. Love to her husband, son, family, and spirit.

Beautiful wrote in about Antwan Petty.

if someone knows when the funeral maybe please let me know. I was on the train today when his mother got the news. I comforted her because she was histerical! We have to do better!

Imfocusedman08 wrote in about Clarence Wilson.

This was my Uncle, so sad to know no one has yet to be brought to justice for the cruel animal act they inflicted on him…. He didnt deserve to be taken away from here like that…. Over a year has gone by and still sad…..

Mike wrote in about Hayes Osei Dennis.

I am currently Presidential/Goldstar cab driver and have been driving for the past 3 years. During my tenure with Goldstar I had the pleasure to work with “Hayes” and although he would also drive a cab, Goldstar #1, I was able to always discuss matters regarding the repair of my taxicab at anytime during my repair visits and was always greeted with respect and professions by Hayes he was always friendly and helpful to whatever I needed, in fact, I just saw him last weekend on July 13th. Before driving to the Q St. shop, I called him to obtain information on the renewal of my insurance sticker, which was expired for two weeks, so after our conversation, I was unsure if he would give me the sticker since I owed some previous sticker and was afraid of being cancelled, so I explained to Hayes that I did not have enough money and could not afford the stickers since my taxicab was not in service for a whole month due to mechanical problems, so I headed to the shop and after handing him my last $40, he looked at me and said, “Mike if you do not have the insurance money, I will give you the stickers and while you work on getting the money, just return Monday, but go make some money first,” I was not surprise to hear this from him since he was always helpful and the most vivid example before the sticker. He ensured that my cab passed inspection. The most shocking impact to me that has been plaguing my head since I heard of his death early today, is that as he handed me the insurance stickers, he noticed that my inspection sticker was going to expire late August so he looked at me and said, ” MIKE MAKE SURE THAT YOU GIVE ME THE CAB THIS MONDAY TO RENEW YOUR INSPECTION, BUT MAKE SURE YOU DO IT THIS MONDAY SINCE I WILL BE GOING TO AFRICA AT THE END OF THE MONTH” and now, as a result of this cowardly murderer, he will never make the trip he was so forward looking for, nor will I ever see this beautiful human being again. I will say this like a brother, if you can hear me since you’re in Heaven, my heart goes to you and your family Hayes, and you were a truly good human being who always cared for the wellbeing of other. May God bless you my brother. Rest in Peace!

Your friend always,
Mike Presidential #913

Ms Green wrote about Carlos Bernard Alexander.

this was my stepdad for for 18 years he taught us alot the day he was killed was the worst day in our lives he didnt deserve to die the way he did he was already having heath problems instead of u letting god take him wen it was his time you guys took his life for some pocket change a car that u wasnt going to be able to keep i know my stepdad fought you guys off until he couldnt nomore that was him a fighter an he stood up for what was right i wish he was still here at times to guide our family throught these tough times but he not an the messed up part is that after he was killed his mom past away a couple of month later an i believe ten & eight years wasnt enough i wish all is well for u guys while ya r in remember u going to come home in years but he not never coming home to us not never love dad

Caleb gobezie wrote about the deaths of Mesfin Nega and Shimelis Yegazu.

It was a mercy killing to take him out of his misery. I know them both. They are family friends and we were all sad about it but that was what mesfin wanted. He was so miserable cuz he couldn’t walk move his hands or anything but that was his best friend.

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