Week in Review

In brief:

Albrecht Muth, suspected of killing his wife, 91-year-old Viola Drath, is on a hunger strike and has been hospitalized.

According to court documents, a juvenile murder suspect has told the government that he, not Rashid Caviness-Bey, shot and killed 19-year-old Osman Al-Akbar near Meridian Hill Park in August.

A mental health report on Robert Carter, charged with first degree murder in the shooting death of his daughter, Angel Morse, includes Carter’s own accounting for what happened the afternoon Morse was killed. He has pleaded innocent.

Court documents outline the legal reasons Brian Gaither, suspected in the death of Latisha Frazier, would like to sever his case from his codefendant’s case.

Reginald Rogers was found guilty of first-degree premeditated murder while armed, first-degree felony murder while armed, and other charges in connection with a deadly Jan. 2010 robbery. Calvin Woodland, Jr., the son of the late community activist Calvin Woodland, Sr., was killed in the robbery.

Deoni Japarker Jones, a transgender woman, was fatally stabbed at a bus stop in Northeast DC. A video of a suspect has been released, but no arrests have been announced.

MPD has received tips regarding a baby girl found abandoned on Jan. 15, but still has not identified the girl, Lt. Robert Alder said Friday. Earlier in the week police released a photo of the towel the girl was found wrapped in.

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